SDC sponsor the 2018 Southern Enduro Mountain Bike race series

  • Apr 11, 2018

Southern Demolition are proud to be sponsoring the Southern Enduro Mountain Bike race series for 2018. Southern Enduro runs fun accessible races across the south of the UK. Enduro is a multi stage race balanced between downhill and cross country taking in gravity based content from natural lines to man made trails. Transitions link all the stages together making it a good community experience throughout the day. 

A new member of the SDC team!

  • Mar 15, 2018

This adventurous tortoise was found onsite at Frenchman's Road in Petersfield. SDC's Paul Hunt took the runaway to a local vet to find out if it was chipped. The tortoise was soon reunited with its grateful owner and it turns out he had been missing for 3 years! He hadn't ventured very far as the owner lives just behind the site.